Patient-Specific FSI Simulation of TAVI

Capvidia & 4RealSim Finalize Sapien 3 FSI Model

SimInSitu consortium members Capvidia & 4RealSim, have finalized their first full Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) model of Sapien 3 TAVR device. The two companies have worked on 7 model iterations to enhance realism and optimize the FEA model for FSI deployment. The final model consists of a realistic skirt compared to the previous revisions and free of shell modeling, allowing the usage of real device surface as the pressure exchange surface for FSI, resulting in lossless FSI data exchange (pressure & surface motion).

According to the SimInSitu project plan, the two companies will further continue to verify this computational model according to relevant CM&S V&V standards. This will be later followed with experimental validation.

Prior to the FSI simulation, which addresses the service condition of the Sapien 3 device, 4RealSim performs the crimping and deployment simulations, as well, to obtain the deployed condition. These simulations rely on the V&V standards as well.

UNIPA Delivers first Patient Specific Geometry

The simulation framework mentioned in the previous section focuses on generic flow channel. Within the SimInSitu project, patient specific deployment and service condition simulations are also planned. To this end, consortium partner, UNIPA, has provided the first patient specific geometry (planned 20) to Capvidia & 4RealSim. It is expected that during Q4-2021 and Q1-2022, partners work on patient specific simulations with Sapien 3.

About Capvidia

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4RealSim Life Sciences is a leading service provider in that field and offers a large array of sophisticated multi-physics simulation processes & tools that support all phases of the medical device development process – from virtual feasibility studies via classic device verification and validation analyses to augmenting your human clinical studies with corresponding modelling and simulations – the in-silico trial.



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