Fluid Structure Interaction for Simulation and Validation of Transcatheter Heart Valve

SimInSitu has just reached another milestone: Sapien 3 ULTRA Transcatheter Heart Valve Replacement (TAVR) has been modeled, simulated and validated with in-vitro data.

 FlowVision CFD & Abaqus Explicit FEA Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) software couple is used with a dual fluid domain boundary condition approach to control cardiac output and diastolic loading to be able to match the experimental operating points reported in the literature.

 The validation domain covered different expansion levels and hemodynamic operating points. The video shows the 3D visualization of the velocity field for one of the expansion and loading variants.

 We are excited to have validated the developed S3 ULTRA model and pass onto the next stage: Beyond the state of art patient specific FSI simulations to assess the TAVR outcome including hemodynamics and validate against clinical data.